Sat. Jul 24th, 2021
IMG_0142 (2) CONGRATULATIONS 1 min read
EDAC is proud to present Kai Bayes, graduate of ALF Secondary School, with the arts bursary towards his post-secondary education.  Hannah Hinz, last years recipient,... Read More
IMG_0151 (2) CONGRATULATIONS 1 min read
Congratulations to Kai Bayes on winning the 2021 Alyson Witts Leadership bursary as a graduate from ALF Secondary School.  It is presented each year by... Read More
IMG_0110 (2) ENDERBY ARTS CENTRE 1 min read
The Enderby Arts Centre opened it’s doors to the public on June 3rd showcasing the Enderby Artisan Emporium.  The emporium supports local artists, artisans and... Read More

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